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What is tombola?

The tombola

During the Christmas period in Naples we usually gather with family and friends and playing tombola. The tombola is a traditional table game born in the city of Naples in the 18th century and often accompanied by a system of association between numbers and meanings, usually humorous (La Smorfia).


According to tradition, the tombola was born in 1734 by a discussion between the King Charles of Bourbon and father Gregorio Maria Rocco about the gioco del lotto, that the first wanted under public scrutiny and the second considered it unethical for religious reasons. The compromise was found by banning the game during the Christmas holidays, when families were organized with this version from home, which soon became a custom of those days of the year .

The rules

The tombola is a game based on 90 numbers, which you can practice with a few simple tools: a big Bulletin Board (or Board) subdivided into 90 boxes (9 rows of column 10) numbered from 1 to 90; initially-agreed-the participants determine the cost of the folder: Tombola (when they come out all fifteen digits in a folder)Cinquina(when they come out five numbers on the same line) Quaterna (when they come out four numbers on the same line) Terno (when they come out three numbers on the same line) Ambo (when they come out two numbers on the same line).All participants-a round-buy the program and act as administrator.The administrator is one who extracts the numbered tokens from the basket, announcing to the participants and places it on the scoreboard that keeps-prominently-in front of itself. Players, however, if that number appears on their folders, place a mark on the box (traditionally-Naples-using dried beans), minding the rows where they are lining up more numbers (ambo, terno, etc.).Whenever a player (including the administrator) realizes that he made a winning combination he announces that and he wins the prize.When someone announces that it has made tombola, he is asked to call the numbers, the administrator check on the board and, if they match, it delivers the first prize

The Smorfia

As we said each bingo number is associated with a Word, an event, a person, an object through the grimace. Here are some examples: 1 Italy 8 the Virgin13 St. Anthony33 years of Christ63 the bride84 the Church90 the fear


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