Tomb of Sunken Skulls

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Tomb of Sunken Skulls

Interesting factsSome intereting things that they found were a female skull with temporal bones stuffed inside it and a skull with scrape marks on it.

Head ExcavatorFredrick Hallgren, hypothesizes that in the mesolithic era they mounted the skulls of their murdered natives on wooden stakes.

Tomb of Suken Skulls

The site was found spontaneoulsy from researchers doing site work for a new railroad. What Archaeologists found was a collection of skulls from over 8,000 years ago.

Located on the shore of Lake Vattern

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Motola, Sweden

About the Site Hallgren and his team uncovered skulls and skull fragments of up to 11 individuals of all ages and genders. Most skulls were pierced with a wooden stake that protruded from the base of the skull. One theory is that it is a secondary burial site and another one is that the skulls belong to enemy natives and were brought back as a trophy from war.

Elizabeth Putti and Nicole Grode


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