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Tomas Edison

Thomas Edison By Dexter Rupnow

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Look at this!

BiographyThomas Edison was born at Mailn Ohio on Febuary 11,1847.His first job was selling newspapers when 6 years old in a train.One time he saved a 1 year old baby from getting run over by a train when he was working at a train station!When he got older his mom didn't let him work in his room and got sent to the basement but he got bored there and bulit a different place.Thomas Edison died on October 18,1931at the age 84 at West Orenge New Gersy.

AccomplishmentsOne of his accomplishments was inventing the first electricity systems.Another was he invented the first electric voting machine.Another is he invented the first telegraph to communicate to other people.

His lasting inpact was he invented electricity which helps us alot right now.Witch I use electricity every day and one of the tools we use right now.

Did You Know...Tomas Edison was born in Milan Ohio,on Febuary11, 1847.Plus Thomas Edison's first inventoin was a electric voting machine.

Thomas Alva Edison was famous for inventing things.He loved to do expirements in his free time at home.

SourcesWho Was Thomas Alva EdisonWorld Book

TimelineThomas Aliva Edison got married on Febuary 11 1847-1931.Thomas Edison died on October 18,1931when he was 84. He died at West Orange New Jersy and was a very sad moment.

Watch this video!I love it alot

He is doing a experiment!He loves doing it!

Thomas Edison was a very generesman.He loved to do experements all of his free time and wisht to envent somting that someone els envented.