Tom Sawyer

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Tom Sawyer

Blurb Tom Sawyer`s a legend. He tricks other kids into doing his chores. He fakes his own death and gets to attend his own funeral. He has a frifhtening adventure in a pirate-haunted cave. And when he teams up with his freind Huck Finn, the trouble doubles Tom Sawyer hates boredom. So he makes life a s exciting as possible-for everyone. - Mark Twain

Tom Sawyer

Genre: Classic (action adventure)

Mark Twain( Samuel Clemens)

IntruductionThe classic novel of Tom Swayer was written in 1876 by Mark Twain ( Samuel Clemets ). It is truly written with passion from the author. He wrote in such a way that you can almost believe that your there when you set your eyes on the words in this book. It is probably the best classic; I would recommend it.

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Summary Do you know what "cogitating" means? If the answer to that question is no, read the classic novel Tom Sawyer. In the beginning of this incredibly written story, Tom is sent outside by his aunt to whitewash their fence. He stumbles outside with a grim smile on his face, grabs a brush and a bucket of whitewash, and sets off for the fence. In moments, a neighbor named Ben Rogers comes along. In a few more moments, the genius of Tom Sawyer has Ben whitewashing his fence while he`s eating Ben`s apple and sitting in the shade, watching. About a week later, it`s certianly not Tom`s day. He`s feeling really bad, so his aunt gives him some painkiller. Bad choice... next thing you know, Tom Sawyer is feeding their cat his painkiller (the cat goes crazy). But not even the painkiller helps. Tom has a bad day at school with his friend Becky. He imagined wasting his life by being a soldier, and coming back to show everybody that they were the reason he had wasted his life. But even better, he would become a Native American, and come back as a Chief, killing everybody in his path and hunting for his tribe. But better still... he would become a pirate, and conquer the seven seas with his crew. So he hunted down his friends Huck Finn and Joe Harper, and they set sail on a raft that they built out of logs, being a crew by them selves. The last major adventure of Tom Sawyer starts with a need for hunting (and of course finding) treasure. He goes with his friend Huck Finn to uncover some buried treasure. Instead of actually finding treasure, they found the thing that buries treasure. They found 2 thiefs, burying about $12,000 in gold under the planks of the old haunted house. In the end Tom and Huck get the treasure, and they become richer than anyone else in town. In conclusion, the adventures of Tom Sawyer never end, but the book had to. If you ever happen to lay eyes upon this book by Mark Twain, read it, and you`ll never regret it.

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Cogitate To think deeply about something


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