Tom Sawyer Story

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Tom Sawyer Story


Glog by:: Courtney L.

About the Story The book Tom Sawyer is about a reckless but kind hearted boy named Tom and howhis world is like a dream with his friends Huckleberry Finn, Becky Tatcher(girl of his dreams) and his Aunt Polly. Overtime Tom with his hooky pranks and desperation for adventure learns some lessons about life.

Additional Information ; Tom has a crush on becky ;) Huckleberry Finn is homeless Aunt Polly loves Tom very much Tom skips school and gets likin (beatings) from his teacher and likes to have funnn! YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK:)!!!

About the Author The author of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is by Mark Twain. When Mark Twain was writting the book in quote it is written that "seen through the eyes of a boy who might be the young Mark Twain himself". The book reveals the mind and heart of one of Americas greatly loved writers.

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Becky + Tom = Love


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