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Tom Brady

Tom had to fight to win starting quarterback job at Michigan. He shared position with Drew Henson. Brady's coach would let them each play a quarter and whoever did better would continue as QB in second half. Brady became known as "The Comeback Kid" because of his many come from behind victories.

Tom Brady was born on August 3, 1977 in San Mateo, California. He was the youngest child in his family. He has three older sisters. Tom grew up watching the San Francisco 49'ers and Joe Montana was his football idol. In high school Tom played football, basketball and baseball. He became the starting quarterback his junior year.

Tom Brady

Tom was a catcher on his high school baseball team and was drafted by Montreal Expos. Tom always loved football the most and was determined to continue playing football after high school. Several colleges were interested in him but he decided to go to the University of Michigan. He wanted to play for Coach Gary Moeller, but before he started his freshman year, he was fired and replaced by Lloyd Carr.

PatriotsThe contract that Tom signed for the Patriots was for $298,000 per year. He is the starting quarterback and has played 13 seasons for the Patriots and the team has won three Super Bowls with him as the quarterback.

Injuries Tom has had many injuries such as concussion and fractures of his arms and legs.

Family lifeTom is married to a super model named Gisele Bündchen and they have three children named John, Vivian and Benjamin Brady they live in Los Angeles


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