[2016] Brandon Ouch: Toilet Timeline

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[2016] Brandon Ouch: Toilet Timeline

Toilet Timeline

Jan. 1, 1592 TheFirst FlushingToiletThe first flushing toilet was given to Queen Elizabeth 1st. The seat was made of stone, so it wasn't really comfortable.

Jan. 1, 1775 Thefirst claimedToiletThe first patenedilet seat was claimed by Alexander Cummings. He didn't make it, but he claims he has made it.

Jan. 1, 1800SewersThings were getting really unsanitary, so lawmakers, medicine experts, inventors and the general public thought sewers would become popular and they should have pipes leading to the sewer from every household.

Jan. 1, 1857 ToiletPaperJoseph Gayetty thought of toilet paper to wipe your rear end. It wasn't wrapped in a roll, it was just packaged.

Jan. 1, 1910 From Tank to Bowl and TankToilets started changing and improving, it changed from a tank to a tank and bowl. The tank held all the water thast cleans the toilet where you flush and the bowl was where you sat and all of you waste went.

Jan. 1, 1990 Toilet SlippersThere was an invention in Japan called, 'Toilet Slippers'. People in Japan have special places that are clean and unclean. Outside is considered unclean and inside is considered clean. The bathroom was considered unclean. Japanese people had shoes for places that were unclean and shoes for the place that were clean. Then they invented 'Toilet Slippers', that were slippers for the restroom.

Jan. 1, 2002 Sound PrincessToilets in Japan started changing. There were lots of cool new toilets. But one of the popular ones was called 'Sound Princess'. Women are often self-concious about people hearing them go to the bathroom. They would flush the toilet while they went so people wouldn't hear and they flush again after. It was a waste of water. Then they invented 'Sound Princess'. It was a sound-proof bathroom. So now women don't have to feel self-consious about using the restroom anymore.

Jan. 1, 2003 The iLooIn Britain, they came up with something called the 'iLoo', which means iBathroom. It was an internet outhouse where you did your buissness while you can browse the internet. It has a wire-less keybourd, a flat panal plasma moniter and wifi connection.

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