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Social Studies

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Togo is a little smaller than West Virgina (U.S.A.). The current government is Kwesi Ahoomey-Zunu. The offical name of Togo is Togolese. The continent it is on is Africa.

HISTORYTogo was actually part of Germany in 1884. Britian and France took over after World War 1and togoland was divided into two pieces one-half went to France the other half went to Britian in 1922. Britian's Togoland was in the West and France's was in the East and they were with United Nations Trusteeships ikn 1946. Togoland wanted self-government and France's part made that happen. French Togoland became a free state in 1960. Sylvanus Olympio became president in 1961 and controlled economics with France. Togo joined Government Organazation of African Unity in 1963. Olympio's buisness was destroyed and he was killed in 1963. General Eyadema succeded government in 1967. In 1986 commando's (a military for surprise raids) from Ghana was unccessful to destroy Eyadema. The border was closed between Ghana and Togo.

The population is 7,654,827. the total area is 21,925 square miles. The capital is Lome. Togo doesn't have any states. It is in nothwest/Western part of Africa.

BORDING COUNTRIESAbove-Burkina FasoRight-BeninLeft-GhanaUnder-Atlantic OceanCURRENCYThe money is called Per Capita.

The religons they have there is Christan and Muslium. The language they speak is French. Major people there are (politician) Joesph Kokou Koffigoh, tribes are Ewe, Mina, Ouatchi (south), Kabre, and, Gourous (north).

Facts1.August 2013 there was a man who had 1,500 pounds of ivory (elephant tusks) at his shop and the police caught him (ivory trade was banned in 2008).2.They have buses which are local taxi's. 3.The voting age is 18, just like ours.4.Flag colors represent smething and this is what there's represents, RED= blood of Martyrs, GREEN= hope and life, YELLOW= unity and wealth, WHITE=peace.5.Bonjour= Goodday there and Bonsior= Goodnight, but manely in urban areas (large cities).6.There is a sacred tree.

A export in Togo is Phosphate and imports are Argiculture, and Phosphate mining. President so far is Faure Gnassingbe. The climate there is normally 80 degrees Farenhite. It became a country in 1960.

CULTUREPeople in the same village treat each other like family. They believe in destiny and trusting God with there future. Men wear Western clolthes, but for special occasions they wear a wrap cloth (Kente) or a long cotton shirt (Mawa). Women wear a blouse and wrap there head with a piece of cloth because, hair designs are expensive. Normally Muislium women wrap there head with scarves. Togolese people usally wash clothes two or three times a day.

MAJOR EVENTS & HOLIDAYSare New Year's, Eid Al-Fitr (sacrifice a sheep), Easter, and, Work Day.LOCAL FOODSare Okra Sauce, Tomato Sauce, Rabbit with Spinich Sauce, and, Chicken with Groundnut Sauce those are main dishes. The side dishes are Pate and Tofu.

LANDMARKSA landmark is a National Park that shelters buffalo, antolopes, monkeys, and other wildlife. There once use to be a tropical rainforests and lots of Nature parks now there is some wildlife parks.

Village Kings

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