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Social Studies

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The Offical language is french.The national language isEwe kabiye, but there are 39 spoken languages.


Togo is in western africa


Togo speaks french because Togo was a french colony until 1960 than the french influence the gouverment is modled after frances gouvering style and the language was offical.

Currency in Togo is called CFA Franc.

Magor sports in Togo are: Basket ball and rugby and soccer.

Weather in Togo is typically between 23 to 30 Celcius and rarely goes below 20 or above 34.

By plane it takes 23 and a half hours to get to Togo from Victoria, B.C. and 19 hours from Halifax, N.S.

A tradition in togo is gadaoits a 3 day celabration its held in centeral sokode each day a different ceramonie takes place it is to thank the ansesters harvests


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