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Toes By Tor Seidler

"Out there you don't feel like a prisoner!" The author used personification to make all of the animals talk. This quote is a turning point in the story giving a trapped mood to the reader.

TOESBy: Tor Seidler

Have you ever wondered what life is like from a cat's point of view?...

I hope you enjoyed my glog on the book "Toes" by Tor Seidler.

"Cross all twenty eight toes!" This quote from the story shows that Sebastian isn't bothered by Toes' toes but he is actually fond of them. The author is painting a picture of Toes trying to cross his toes.

Toes is a 28 toed kitten who got himself into trouble but had a wonderful journey. He wandered off on Halloween night, getting startled by all of the “fire breathing monsters” in every window. He finds a house with a loose window pane and hops right in, not realizing it was a nine feet drop! Toes finds himself trapped in a basement. Toes teaches himself how to use a sink for water, a toilet, and he finds food around the basement. Toes is found by a musician Sebastian that plays the fiddle. Toes is the only audience that Sebastian has besides himself. When Toes begins to get weak he starts to get worried that Sebastian will stop playing if he doesn’t have an audience. What will Toes do? ...

"Well Mr. Crabbe you have the richest sound i've ever heard!" Toes brought another human to tell Sebatian how good his playing is. Toes is giving emotion throught another character.

"The magic window!" Toes calls the TV a magic window. The author wrote this book in a humorous way which makes it fun to read.

"So your not a coffee ice cream junkie," It shows the connection between Sebasatian and Toes. I think this is the best sentence in the book that shows the two charaters relationship.

Everyday Toes would sit down for two hours and listen to Sebastain's fiddle playing.


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