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Todd McFarlane

High school SPAWN coverPencil ' Ink on Artboard(1977)

SPIDER-MAN issue #13 coverPencil ' Ink on Artboard(August 13,1991)

SPAWN issue #1 coverPencil ' Ink on Artboard(1992)

BATMAN Year Two issue #576Pencil ' Ink on Artboard(July 1987)

Todd McFarlaneTodd McFarlane was born in Calgary, Alberta on Mach 16,1961. He loved basebal and wanted to be a professional baseball player. He found comics in high school and was inspired to draw. Due to financial problems he could not go to Washington University to persue his base ball draem.he started sending out art to major comicbook companies and he recevied more than 700 rejection letters. His dream finaly came true when his work got aaccepted at Marvel/Epic Comics in March 1989.

Area of expertiseTodd McFarlane was a self taught artist and was very successful. Todd has enhanced spider-man's positions to more arachnid like amd adding spider looking eys. But the greatest achievement of Todd's career is his new rendering of Spider-man's webbing before McFarlane Spider-man's web's where just straight lines. But when Todd created his new webbing he called it "Spaghetti Webbing"


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