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Today's Learner Project

Today's Learner Project this article, it discusses the importance of student engagement and incorporating their interest into the lessons to get the best performance levels. The article provides four key components to ensure that your students are engaged in their learning process, which are: relevant applied learning, student choice, student to student interaction, assessment, feedback and evidence of success article was a great find because it focused on three main trends that are occurring in the classroom. First being collaborative, next tech powered lessons, and lastly blended instruction. At the end of the article it also states how each of these trends are affecting education today and the change that is taking place in both teaching and learning.

Amber Townsend, Jessica Shortt, Lacey Mullinax and Megan Gibbons


Articles“No one sees more clearly than educators how the technologies we use in our daily lives influence how students learn. Students have changed, educators have changed, learning itself has changed. And learning tools have evolved accordingly.” (NEA) This article is discussing how the 21st Century Classroom is way more technology based, than any other century. Technology is the way that the students are now learning, and as teachers we need to be ready for that. The outside of the school may look the same as it did a century ago, but the learning inside is so much different. Our students love technology, and by implementing it into our classrooms, our students will be more engaged and willing to learn. This article walks you through some ways the classrooms are different in the 21st century. is an article that is interviewing a woman named Suzana Delic, who is a counselor/primary teacher in Zagreb, Croatia. Even all the way across education is changing like crazy. In this interview, Suzana was talking about how wonderful the technology she now has in her classroom is. Suzana said that her favorite component of technology was the fact that she can now video conference through skype to different countries. All of her students now know how to video conference, and that has helped learning in her classroom become more fun and engaging. The students in Croatia strive to learn more about different nations, now that they have the technology to do so. This article is called What’s different for the 21st century learner? It talks about how students today learn differently due to the different circumstances such as technology. It also goes in depth about how differently students interact with each other and how different they think than students from past generations. This article is called ICT For Educators. It explains how to teach 21st learners and the differences they face due to the new technology world. This article has really helpful information about how technology helps students learn better. tors. It explains how to teach 21st learners and the differences they face due to the new technology world. This article has really helpful information about how technology helps students learn better. article is called 21 Characteristics of 21st Century Learners. This article is talking about the different characteristics of learners in this century, and how different they are from generations in the past. You can see a clear pattern that freedom of speech, and technology have really shaped this new generation of students. article discusses how teachers tend to believe that the effects from students using technology continuously, affects their attention span and their ability to focus. Teachers not only have to be educators in this day and time, but they also have to be the student’s entertainers. This article is a reflection of some interviews that were conducted with teachers who experience this issue on a daily basis. article is called Understanding Today’s Learner. This article talks about the five different generations that are living today and how the learning style differs from one another. The different categories of learners are the veterans(1925-1945), the baby boomers (1946-1964), generation X (1965-1979), generation Y (1980-1995) and generation Z (1996-present). For each generation of learners the article mentions the learning styles and how people learned during that time period. This article also mentions the use of technology and how each generation has adapted to the use of technology. article is called If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s… This article talks about how teaching in the past was teacher-centered and the teacher doing all of the talking. The main focus of this article was talking about hout the classrooms changed from a teacher-centered classroom to a student-centered classroom. It is very important that students get the tools that they need to learn they way that is best for them. This article is called Understanding the digital generation: Teaching and Learning in the new digital landscape. This article talks about how much society has changed over time. It explains that today students are surrounded by technology and are growing up in a different education world.

Voice-over Of Teaching Standards article is called Traditional Teachers vs. 21st Century Teachers. This article gives bullet point about things that traditional teachers have said. There also is a video to go along with the bullet points that gives examples of what the teachers say. There is also a list of bullet points that 21st century teachers explain what they want to do when they become a teacher. There is a video to go along with this one as well. This gave both perspectives of the different types of teachers over the years.


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