[2015] Lindsey Chea: Today in History

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[2015] Lindsey Chea: Today in History

Samuel Adams is a politician from Boston who forms a group called the Son of Liberty to protest the British taxes. For example, The Stamp Act was established in 1765. The British wanted the colonist to pay taxes on the all the printed materials. (Newspaper, magazines, and legal documents) They continue to add taxes and this lead to the Boston Tea Party.

Benjamin Franklin

These are Colonists

Stamp Act

The Americans vs The British!

Revolutionary Reporter a multi-media projectEstablished in 1770By Lindsey & Kendra

The American Army camp is at Valley Forge located in the southeastern of Pennsylvania. The condition there is not so great. It's cold, damp, and crowded. Their commander is George Washington. He chose this site because he could keep an eye on the British to protect the people. (The British are near-by).

The Boston Tea Party was a protest by the Colonists against the British government. This happened just yesterday on December 17, 1773 at the Boston Harbor. The Colonist threw 342 chests of teas overboard into the water. The Colonist were told to pay high taxes on the tea so this tax was called the Tea Act. The city of Boston was punished so the British came up with the Intolerable Acts, one of the punishment was closing the Boston Harbor until the colonists paid for the tea they threw out.

The Boston Tea Party

Men: The colonial men wear Banyans. Banyans are worn loose and worn instead of coats. Also they would wear Breeches. Most men wear Breechesas their lower body garment. Another is, a coat. They wear them for their upper body. Also to keep them warm. Men wear many different things. There are also more.

He was born in January 17, 1706. Benjamin Franklin is the only founding father to have singed all four of the key documents establishing the US. Benjamin is a statesman, author, publisher, scientist, inventor, and diplomat. Benjamin Franklin serves in the Second Continental Congress and helps draft the Declaration of Independence.

Colonial Fashion

Valley Forge

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Life during the Revoulutionary War brings hardship to one family. A man has to leave his family to defend againt the Great Britan for independence. While his wife provides for her kids and take care of the farm or bussniesses.. The wife and kids have to face danger when soliders try to invade their home because they are hungry, desprate, and tired. Then they leave their home causing damages and stealing their goods. The hopes and dreams of these colonist is to break away from British rules and fight for their freedom.

Family Life

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He is most famous for writing the Declaration of Independence. This document states the colonies are free from the British rules!

Thomas Jefferson is also a founding father of the US.

Thomas Jefferson

I'm at the Saratoga County, New York. Its 1777 and there is a battle here. This is happening because America won the battle against the British. Apparently this is a turning point for the Revolutionary War. When the war had already started almost 100 men were killed! 5,895 British and Hessian troops wanted to surrender their arms. Right now General John Burgoyne (British) had just lost 86 of his force. All the people here are watching and hearing guns. Smelling the smoke from the distance almost like its polluting the air. Everyone felt terrified, seeing all the men dying. It was tough for some people. Finally withalmost all the men gone the Americans won at last!

Women: Women wear dresses of couse and refer it as fashion for everyone. They also wear hats. They wear them to be fashionable or to block it against the sun. One last thing they wear are petticoats. They wear them under their skirts/dresses to keep them warm.

The warm climate makes it possible to grow crops throughout the year in the Southern colonies and is ideally suited for plantations and farming. Food in Colonial America is very plentiful and includs a lot of meat and vegetables. Some examples of food we eat are corn, chicken, bread, onions, caroots, radish and plenty. We get these with our resources.


Victory at Saratoga

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