Toco toucan

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Toco toucan

-There are 42 species of Toucans that are left in the world. Most of them are found in Costa Rica.-The Toco Toucan has a striking plumage with a mainly black body, a white throat, chest and uppertail-coverts, and red undertail-coverts. -What appears to be a blue iris is actually thin blue skin around the eye. -This blue skin is surrounded by another ring of bare, orange skin. -The most noticeable feature, however, is its huge bill, which measures from 15.8 to 23 cm (6.2 to 9.1 in) in length, which is yellow-orange.-Endothermic-Migrate because they are kept in cool places like rainforests

Native to South America, toco toucans inhabit a range of habitats including tropical forests, savannas, and shrubland.

-Toucans choose their food from a wide range of options.Toucans have a special liking for most varieties of tropical fruits available in the rainforests. -The most favorite fruit of toucans is the banana passion fruit. Toucans prefer brightly colored fruits that are easy to locate.




-Toucans nest in holes in trees. -Parents share incubation and are very impatient sitters.-The parents rarely remain for more than an hour and usually leave their eggs uncovered.-After about 16 days of incubation, the nestling hatch blind and naked. -They "toucanets" have no trace of down feathers on their pink skins. -The nestlings are fed by both parents with increasing amounts of fruit. -The feathers of the small "toucanets" do not begin to expand until they are about 4 weeks old. -Parents will care for their young for about 8 weeks, but the "toucanets" sometimes leave when they are about 48 days old.




-As we are unfairly destroying Toco Toucans rainforest habitats. -The vital resources the bird needs are slowly being deducted.

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Toco Toucan



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