tobin 125 Choppers

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tobin 125 Choppers

Need The need for the helicopter was to help people and to lower stuff down and to do missions.

Process Most helicopters have a single rotor. The main rotor is attached to the body of the helicopter. There is another rotor that is smaller. It is attached to the back of the helicopter.

Timeline 1Launoy and Bienvena1784The major change was Launoy and Bienvea created the first toy model helicopter that can fly. It had two roters made with feathers

Timeline 2 Breguet Rene Dorand 1935-1936They built a rotor helicopter that was easier to control and flew more steadily.

Choppers:The Invention of theHelicopter

Timeline 3Unmanned aerial vehicles (uav’s) These helicopters fly missions that are too dangerous or tedious for pilots.It was successful because it can fly by itself.



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