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Does tobacco only affect the smoker?



What does smoking do to your lungs

Of course not! It affects everybody!1) Nonsmokers who become in contact with second hand smoke have a 25% higher chance of heart disease2) More than 33,000 people die to second hand smoke related things in the United States alone.3) Second hand smoke can cause newly born and young babies to contract SIDS which causes sudden death

Smoking affects you immediatly as soon as you smoke a cigarette.1) Even the first cigarette a smoker smokes can put them at risk for a disease.2) In some cases, only smoking for a year can turn one's lungs completely black.

Smoking is deadly to your lungs in many ways.1) It destroys micorfibers known as cilia which protect from infections leaving your lungs vulnrable2) With the cilia depleted, the smokers chances to develop cancer from enviormental causes raises exponentially3) Also, over time smoking damages air sacs that makes it more difficult to breathe the more somebody smokes

How long does it take for smoking to affect you


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