Tobacco... Why?

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Tobacco... Why?

Glog By Andy C.

BELOW ARE THE CANCERS YOU COULD RECIEVE FROM SMOKING:MouthLarynx (voice box)Pharynx (throat)Nose and sinusesLipsEsophagus (swallowing tube)KidneyCervixLiverBladderPancreasStomachOvary (mucinous)Colon/rectumSOURCE:Amercian Cancer Society

Besides the fact that Smoking kills nearly 2/3 of all Smokers, eventually smoking can not only hurt you, but it can (for pregnant women) but also your unborn children, and anyone that is around you on a regular basis because of a disease that is called 2nd Hand Smoke. Obviously their are many more reasons, but to finish before even we are dead I have cut reason why we shouldn't smoke here, becasue like mentioned before their are tons of reasons why not to Smoke - DON'T SMOKE OR YOU'LL BE A JOKE!

Why Shouldn't I Smoke?

Tobacco... Why?

What Diseases Could I Get?

2/3 of all smokers will eventually die from smoking.Nearly 1 in 5 American Adults smokeSOURCE:Centers For Disease Control

Smoking Stats

This video highlights the ignorance of people who smoke because they never really think about what it could be actually doing to them, only to the kidsSOURCE:YouTube/RoadTripLove

If you feel like you can't stop smoking, but want to quick, visit the link below this text to find help from SmokeFree.GOV

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