Tobacco Smoking

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Tobacco Smoking

TV Shows influence teens to smoke espiecially celebrities and popular people. Research shows that teens who watched 5 or more hours of TV each day were almost six times more likely to take up smoking than those who watched less than 2 hours.

Television Shows

Author: Alessandro Alterisio

Tobacco Smoking

The researchers counted how many times characters were seen smoking, in each of more than 500 popular movies. They then asked 6,500 10- to 14-year-olds which of the movies they had seen. The children were re-interviewed during the following two years. Those who had seen movies with a lot of smoking were more likely to start smoking themselves, the study found.

Movies/Video Clipsts

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TV Shows


Movie/Video Clips

The text shown is a positive influence against tobacco smoking beacuse it shows that teens that watch more tv especially with popular actors who smoke, are more likelyto be influenced to smoke. This is beacuse it relates to them through an actor or person they like.

The Advertisment portrays a positive influence against tobacco smoking becuase it shows the dangers that tobacco smoking can cause to your body. The Ad's aim is to scare people and turn them off smoking.

The text provided under Movies/Clips explains that movies and clips with tobacco smoking have a negative influence on teenages. Especially if the actors are liked by the person, it will have a even bigger influence because they want to be like that actor, act like them and do the things they do.

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