[2015] Kayla McEachern (CHV2Od): Tobacco

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[2015] Kayla McEachern (CHV2Od): Tobacco

Tobacco is affected by a wide range of people. Smokers affect the people around them like family or friends, from smoking to experience second-hand smoking. Statistics show that the age of smokers in 2013 ranges from 15 to 55 years and older. Smoking has been affecting people who don't even smoke, smoking around people (second-hand) can cause health problems as well, and they are more likely to get ear infections, bronchitis and pneumonia.

Tobacco is a herb that carries the drug nicotine within it and is used remotely in cigarettes along with 4,000 other deadly chemicals that people inhale daily upon their nasty addiction. Tobacco is the most common addiction in the world due to it's ammense amounts of nicotine and other addictive substances and it is causing deaths and health problems to our society as a whole. This social issue is slowly killing people and it needs to be prevented.

This issue has become a problem for both adults and teens. In the 1950's, scientists were discovering the major health hazrds found in tobacco and Canada's goverment was advised not to do anything about it. Then in 1954, The Candaian Medical Association issued public warnings about the dangers of smoking. In 1963, the tobacco problem started being controlled with a policy act. Today, Canada is continuing to help eliminate this problem.

What is Tobacco?

What can be done to help this problem?

Where is it most prevalent in Canada?

Why is it such an important issue?

Tobacco is an important issue because it has deadly outcomes for any people who choose to use the chemical infused plant. It is Canada's number one cause of premature(preventable) death and continues to kill over 5 million people a year. This issue causes body harm to people who use it and to the people around them.

Many phone lines, websites and self- help books that are available to help people stop their tobacco addiction and prevent them from lighting another cigarette. Prices of tobacco are increasing to lower the consumption rate. Also public places are eliminating the usage of smoking in crowded/popular places and warning labels are being put on cigarette packages. The government has power to help with tobacco. They are reducing the supply of tobacco in Canada and banning tobacco companies from advertising their products.

How can I make a difference?

How can we educate and make aware of this issue?

When did it become a problem for adults and teens in Canada?

Tobacco use is most prevalent in Newfoundland and Labrador and Ontario shown in the data found in 2012. Most of these smokers are commonly male more than female and range in the age group of 15 to 45+. The most prevalent age group ranges from 20-34 years old.

In Canada, health classes should be teaching about tobacco and what it can do to anyone who uses it and to anyone who doesn't do it but are affected by it. They should also teach about the deadly effects of this drug and why you should never try it. We can also create a program like MADD that teaches kids about tobacco use and prevention. Also, we can make presentations that can be shown to future students, which they could learn from.

Who is affected by this social issue?

Ways I can make a difference to reduce or bring attention to tobacco is to make pamphlets that can be avaliable to the public in stores or in schools. Posters can also be presented to schools and the public by hanging them up in the open and busy sections. I can make a difference by helping my friends and family quit their smoking/tobacco addiction.

I know it’s habit forming and it’s tough to quitit’s hard to say no when your friends are doing itBut your lungs were never meant to have tar on topso why would you start if it’s so hard to stopI want to breathe with ease not cough and chokeSo I say NO WAY, I will never smokeSo I say NO WAY, I will never smokeSo I say NO WAY, I will never smokeThose with the habit made me curious to knowjust how much money goes up in smokeIf you smoked for years just think about the cashDo you want a pile of money or a big pile of ash?I don’t want to grow up sick and brokeSo I say NO WAY, I will never smokeSo I say NO WAY, I will never smokeSo I say NO WAY, I will never smokeI want to play sports and dance and singI want to be able to hike in the springI want to exercise without needing a napI just want to live and that is that!I believe we choose to live healthy or notThat my friends is the message we gotSome think they’ll live forever no matter what we sayeven the surgeon general warns them but they do it anywayI want to live and breathe and that’s no jokeSo I say NO WAY, I will never smokeSo I say NO WAY, I will never smokeSo I say NO WAY, I will never smokeIf you’re learning in school sing, "I will never smoke."If you’re riding in your car sing, "I will never smoke."If you’re with your mom or dad sing, "I will never smoke."Whereever you are sing, "I will never smoke."If you’re on the computer sing, "I will never smoke."If you’re playing video games sing, "I will never smoke."If you’re out playing soccer then sing, "I will never smoke."you probably aren’t listening but "I will never smoke."when you get done sing sing, "I will never smoke."

Anti-Tobacco Song by Tom Gardner



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