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basic factsCane toads manly occur in the south of USA and the tropics in south America they were introduced deliberately to Australia in Queensland in 1935 in an unsuccessful attempt contain pest and beetle of the sugar cane,and the scientific (Bufo marinus).

cane toad diagram

cane toads

Food and hunting Cane toads devour mostly everything they can swallow including pet food and house scrapes, but most of their diet is living insects like beetles, honey, bees, ants, winged termites, crickets and bugs are eaten. Marine snails, smaller toads and native frogs, small snakes, and small mammals are occasionally eaten by Cane Toads. The tadpoles of the cane toads eat ague and other aquatic plants.

habitat cane toads are found from sand dunes, coastal areas, rainforests and mangroves. The area’s they like the most are open clearing in urban areas, grasslands and wood lands

controlThe cane toads originally were introduced to Australia to control a beetle which feeds on the sugarcane crops, they have thrived in Queensland’s tropical and subtropical weather and surroundings. It is now found in most of Queensland and keeps spreading into New South Wales and the Northern Territory. This pest’s introduction has been far-reaching, with the invasion of the number of cane toads cane toads into Queensland and was thought to be an important factor in keeping the number of some animals down.


INTRODUCTION OF SPECIESIt was introduced to Australia from Hawaii in June 1935 to help control the native cane beetle because the beetles eat the sugar cane crops.

future impactif we dont control the cane toads theywill move to all over australi and eat all the suger cane


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