To The Virgins- Robert Herrick

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To The Virgins- Robert Herrick

To The Virgins To Make Much Of Time- Robert HerrickTheme: Carpe diem, live while you still have time, Metaphors: Sun equals timeFlower equals a woman/womenGather ye rodebuds equals follow your dreams, find yourselfQuotes:"And this same flower that smiles to-day, to-morrow will be dying" equals one day the flower is beautiful, but if you pick it, it will die. "Old time is still a-flying" means you will only have the memories. Contrasts: young and old, life and death. The contrast brings focus to the theme. The rhythm is like song and rimes ABAB which gives it a flow.Intention: Convince a woman to marry him, and not waste her life because it will soon be to late.

Publiced in 17th centuryGenre of Carpe Diem Analysed by Veronika, Signe & Sigrid



The Virgins

Robert Herrick

English with the lovely Eva Pors 1. a


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Born in 1591-1674, London English novelist and poetStuied at CambrideWrote over 2.500 poemsWas a bachelor and most women in his poems are fictional

Times flyes and this day could be your lastThe longer you get in life, the nearer you are to the endYouth is the best time but passes by quicklyUse your time and don´t hesitate and take chances


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