To Tell The Truth: The Art of the Story and the Photograph

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To Tell The Truth: The Art of the Story and the Photograph

To Tell The Truth: The Art of the Story and the Photograph

Walter Cronkite

We LOVE this exhibit! Lynn and Theresa are great!

A photojournalist who has covered the White House for Time magazine for more than twenty years, Diana Walker has been recognized by the World Press, the White House News Photographers Association, and has had her photographs published in Paris Match, Vanity Fair, People, Life, and New York magazine. All the photographs in the exhibit were selected from her archive that documents the American presidency, the U.S. Congress from 1979-2000, world leaders, and historically significant events. Walker donated her archive to the Briscoe Center in 1997.

Diane Walker

mmm... hot dogs....

Statistics can be daunting and dry: 1,000,000 trees cut down every year; 9,000,000 American children without health insurance; 2,000,000 plastic bottles used every five minutes; 2,300,000 adults incarcerated in U.S. prisons. A landscape of toothpicks, each representing a felled tree, stretches into the horizon; a looping maze of plastic cups reveal how many are used each day on airplane flights; fashioned from soda cans, a replica of a Seurat masterpiece becomes a lesson in waste; and thousands of Barbie dolls—representing the number of breast augmentations performed each year—combine to depict a woman’s torso.

Created for the Access Summer Institute by Kris Dunham


wow... that's a lot of folded prison jumpsuits....

Chris Jordan


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