To Kill Mockingbird

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To Kill Mockingbird

Mrs. Roosevelt visited Birmingham in 1938 for a NAACP convention. She lobbied government bodies and took her message to the general public through columns and radio broadcasts. She fought for legislation against lynching and lent her presence and support to the NAACP's art exhibit on the problem. She challenged the segregation ordninance when at a convention in Birmingham in 1938. This has something to do with the book when Ms Merriweather is sitting having tea with her peers and says Mrs. Roosevelt's has gone mad for supporting African Americans, she also mentions this after Aunt Alexandra and Scout hear the information about Tom Robinson.

To Kill a MockingbridBy: Harper Lee

Timeline Done By:Gaelle Victoria Josama







Segregation is the enforced separation of different racial groups in a country, community, or establishment. Segregation in this book and in the US are very similar. In To Kill a Mockingbird you see segregation with white people on one side of town and black on the other. Another example is with the churches, they have one for the white where they discriminate the negroes, and vice versa. Also for the trial of Tom Robinson all the white people of Maycomb county were sitting on the ground with the jury, while the black people where upstairs, with the exception of Dill, Scout, and Jem.

The Great Depression related to To Kill a Mockingbird because Bob Ewell and the Cunninghams both suffered greatly from it. Bob Ewell does not mind getting financial help but he will not take a position working under a program sponsored by Franklin Roosevelt. The Cunningham children as well as the Ewell's are very poor only Mr. Cunningham will not take food rations or help.

The Scottsboro Case relates to To Kill a Mockingbird because the cases are very similar. The Scottsboro boys were 9 teenage boys falsely accused of rape. Tom Robinson was falsely accused of raping and beating Mayella Ewell. Ironically both of these cases took place in Alabama. Also they both had a white jury, people attempted to lynch them, and were sentenced to death.¶ms=OAFIAVgG&mode=NORMAL

Scottsboro Case

The Great Depression

Nevada legalizing gambling has a little point to make in the book. It reminds me of when Jem, Dill, and Scout went to the Radley's yard in the middle of the night and Jem got his pants stuck in the gate. When Miss Rachel asked Jem where his pants were, they said that Dill won them off of Jem. They were accused of playing cards. Playing cards was a grave sin against their religion, but they covered it up by saying they were playing a game.


Eleanor Roosevelt at Birmingham Convention

Nevada Legalizes Gambling


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