To Kill a Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird

Diego Ortiz

To Kill A Mocking Bird

Jem finch experiences coming of age after he becomes a gentleman and reads to mrs. Dubose and learns the real reason why she is so mean. Scout finch experiences coming of age when she walks Arther Radley back to his house and remembers what Atticus said "you never understand a person until your walking in their shoes." Atticus finch helps jem experience coming of age by making him apologise to Mrs. Dubose and have him understand why she is so mean by having him read to her.

"shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit e, but remember its a sin to kill a mocking bird"this quote Atticus says is important because its basically the title of the book and is found on page90"you never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them" said atticuss onpages 80 and 279"tell your father not to teach you anymore, it would interfere with your reading."said by miss caroline on page 17

life lesson 1: People are not always as they first appear. Scout and Jem discover that first appearances can be deceptive, and it comes in part from Atticus's reminder that"You never really understand a person until... you climb into his skin and walk around in it."second life lesson: Teachers can't always be trusted. Scout has real bad luck with her teachers. Miss Caroline proves that a college education doesn't necessarily equate with competence, and she makes Scout's first day at school one to remember for all the wrong reasons. Scout is quick to see that Miss Gates doesn't always practice what she preaches: The teacher criticizes Hitler's persecution of the Jews but is overheard making hateful comments about Maycomb's Negroes.Third life lesson: "It's a sin to kill a mockingbird." Scout doesn't fully understand Atticus's warning about what she and Jem cannot shoot with their air rifles, but after Miss Maudie explains it to her, it becomes clearer. It simply means that no one should kill an innocent being--human, animal or insect. Scout recognizes that at least two of the story's tragic characters--Tom and Boo--fit the mockingbird mold, and she agrees with Sheriff Tate's decision to keep Boo's actions out of the public eye."... it'd be sort of like shootin' a mockingbird, wouldn't it?"

Dear diaryme and dill wanted to know what boo radley looked like, i told scout she couldnt come but she just ignored me. we silently sneaked through the gate to the back yard of the radley place, we hid on under the window, we raised dill up to the window to see if he could see anything but he saw nothing but curtains blocking sight of the inside. i quickly went back in the backyard put my foot on the front step as it creaked a bit, i got to the deck and crouched and crawled to the window, seeing if i could find boo radley.all of the sudden i saw a shadow walking towards me, i covered my head with my arms, went away and i went bolting back to dill and scout and then we ran back. i trip on something and then my pants get caught on something and i hear a noise of a shotgun. i bolted back home.

the reason i chose this song is because its describing how tom robinson is feeling. Tom robinson is feeling trapped and he thinks hes not going to make it out alive. in a part in this song it said "thought i was climbing out but its dragging me down" i think that would fit in with atticus finch because hes trying to get Tom Robbinson out of jail but then he finds out that Tom Robbinson is dead, he just feels that find that out brought him and jem and scout down aswell. but that line also fits in to the part where jem and scout are trying to run away from Bob Ewell and i feel like the part in the song where it says " so reach down and pull me up, pull me out before i am buried beneath." i feel like that part in the song is calling out for help and the person that helps them is Boo Radley.

Dear Atticus Finchi dont know where to start but i lied when i said tom robinson hit and raped me. i dont know what it feels like to be raped and hopefully i wouldnt have to but, everything that tom robinson said was true. its been ten years since he died and its all my fault. my dad was very abusive, hes the one that gave me the black eye. i regret everything i done and i wish that i could take it back but i cant... i lied to save my own behind only to do something i regret badly. if atticus gets this note i want him to know that im sorry, tom robinson was a good person and im the one that caused his death. i want to become a better person and i will apply myself to do so. sincerely Mayella Ewell


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