To Kill A Mockingbird

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To Kill A Mockingbird

Author's Purpose

It's about tolerance for difference and standing up for what's right. It is also about being kind to people suffering adversity--and there is a lot of adversity in this book. It is the great depression, and people can't pay Atticus with money, so they do the honourable thing, the only thing they can, and pay him with the goods they produce. There is even a certain amount of pity for the girl who was "raped" because she was simply a victim of her upbringing--she had no power, and was being abused by an ignorant father. The story is, to me, about poverty, power, racism, inequity, and how one man attempted to change the status. But Atticus had a lot of help from Calpurnia, his sister, and other people, so he was not fighting alone. Ultimately, the book is about standing up for what you believe is right.


SETTINGThis novel is set in the town of Maycomb,Alabama in the 1930's.Although this Southren town is fictoinal,its inhabitants have very real opinions between white and black, rich and poor. This reality of 1930s American Culture, and how to rise above it, is but on of the lesson the Finch children have to learn.CONFLICTThe main conflict of this novel is man vs. man with Bob Ewell accusing Tom Robinson of raping his daughter,Mayella. This confllict evolves into a person vs. society conflict in many ways as the court case includes most of the courts inhabitants, either directly or indericley.IRONYBob Ewell is called to the witness stand to testify, they call him by his full name, Robert E. Lee Ewell. It mentions that Mr. Ewell was named after Robert E. Lee, the confederate civil war general. This is ironic because both Ewell and Lee are violent and racist and end up failing because of it.SYMBOLISMn this story of innocents destroyed by evil, the “mockingbird” comes to represent the idea of innocence. Thus, to kill a mockingbird is to destroy innocence. Throughout the book, a number of characters (Jem, Tom Robinson, Dill, Boo Radley, Mr. Raymond) are the identified as mockingbirds—innocents who have been injured or destroyed through contact with evil. This connection between the novel’s title and its main theme is made explicit several times in the novel: after Tom Robinson is shot, Mr. Underwood compares his death to “the senseless slaughter of songbirds,” and at the end of the book Scout thinks that hurting Boo Radley would be like “shootin’ a mockingbird.

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Where is the love

The main theme on this novel is that predjudice and racisicm have very negative effects on society, and people can learnnot to judge by putting themselves in other's shoes.

To Kill aMokingbirdMatthew Baucom

This song offers the very same message as the novel; that racisim and predjudice are very negative forces in the world.Racisim is something we learn,and if we were able to see the world through a childs eyes ,we would find the love.The fact the song was written 50 years after the novel was publication of the novel shows the unfourtunate reality that this is still a problem today.


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