To Kill A Mockingbird

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To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A MockingbirdBy Molly Bruns



Miss Caroline

Walter Cunnigham

ScoutScout is a smart, curious young girl with a father, Atticus, and a brother, Jem.

AtticusAtticus is a smart, well-respected lawyer and father to Jem and Scout.


JemJem is a playful, mischevious boy and older brother to Scout.

Miss Maudie

Nathan Radley


Calpurnia is a strict, smart maid who educates Scout on life lessons.

Dill comes every summer and is Jem's best friend.

Nathan Radley is a business man and Boo's brother. He becomes the head of the house when their father died.

Walter Cunningham is a poor boy who is in Scout's grade.

Boo is a criminal that is locked up in the Radley house, a place the kids are scared of.

The Ewells are dirty, very disrespectful people that only come to school one day a year.

Miss Caroline is Scout's first grade teacher. She is uneducated about life down south and doesn't like students learning ahead of the curriculum.

Miss Maudie is Scout's friendly neighbor.


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