To Kill a Mockingbird - Character Map

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To Kill a Mockingbird - Character Map

Character MapBy: Carter Smith

Scout:The tomboy daughter of Atticus Finch who loves tohang out with her older brotherand a boy from out of town named Dill.

Jem:Scout's older brother. Lovesto hang out with Scout at home,but doesn't connect with her at all at school.

Atticus Finch:The loving father of Jemand Scout. Serves as an advice-giver to his children and an attorney.

Miss Caroline:Scout's strict schoolteacher with seemingly counterproductive teaching styles.

Calpurnia:The Finch's servant/maid whohelps around the house andteaches Scout manners aswell as other life skills.

Boo Radley:A middle-aged man who livesin the mysterious Radley Placewho is rumored to be a terrible person.

Dill:A boy from out of townwho quickly befriends Scout and Jem. He takes part in dangerous activities with them while he is with them in the summer.

Walter Cunningham:A schoolmate of Scout'swho doesn't bring a lunch to schooland is a representation of the Great Depressionin the time period of TKAM.

Miss Maudie:An old family friend of the Finches who becomes friends with Scout and Jem.


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