To Kill A Mockingbird - Character List

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To Kill A Mockingbird - Character List

To Kill a MockingbirdCharacter List

By: Mary Claire Arbor

ScoutScout is the narrator of the book. She is an intelligent little six year old tomboy who is learning many new important life lessons throughout the book. She is a daughter of Atticus, a lttle sister to Jem, and also lives with her cook Calpurnia. Her mom died when she was two, so she doesn't really remember her. Overall, Scout is a clever yet smart child.

AtticusAtticus is a father to Jem and Scout. He is a lawyer of Maycomb and is considered to be a widower since his wife sadly died. Atticus is a very busy and smart man who has taught Scout many important things. Overall, he is a very nice man who believes that blacks are equal to whites.

CalpurniaCalpurnia is the Finches' african american cook. She is strict yet is sympathetic and most definitely knows right from wrong. She somewhat kind of acts as the mother of the family. She is a great teacher to Scout and Jem, and they've learned a lot from her. She is overall a good and kind lady.

BooBoo Radley hasn't been outside of his house in a long time. He is a creepy mysterious man and no one really knows who he is. Scout, Jem, and Dill will always pull pranks on Boo or will dare eachother to do silly, stupid things to him. Although, in the end he turns out being a fairly kind guy leaving presents in his trees for the kids.

JemJem is Scout's older brother and is also a friend and a playmate to Scout. Sometimes he is sad and misses his mother unlike Scout. Jem loves football and will be willing to take a dare, even if it's a stupid kind of dare as any typical boy would do. Overall, he is a nice and smart boy, and a great older brother to Scout.

EwellsThe Ewell family is the poorest and most unfortunate family living in Maycomb. The father of the Ewells' is a drunk and unemployed man, a daughter of the Ewell family gets raped from a black, and a son of the Ewell family has cooties in his hair and is then forced back home from Miss Caroline.

Walter CunninghamWalter Caunnugham comes from a very poor family. He can't afford to buy luch at school, so then Gem invites him over for lunch. Scout tells Miss Caroline that he will never pay her back a quater becuase his family is so poor, and then she gets in trouble. During that afternoon during lunch, Scout becomes furious that he pours molasses all over his dinner. Overall, Walter is for the most part a kind boy and is thankful.

Miss CarolineMiss Caroline is Scout's very strict teacher. She is mean and cruel to Scout because she is upset that she can read. Miss Caroline will smack her hand with a ruler and talk only negative to her. Overall, Miss Caroline is not the dream teacher you'll want.

DillDill is Scout and Jem's summer companion. Every summer he comes up to Maycomb to enjoy summer with the Finches'. Dill is a confident, active, and outgoing kid who is always a little mischeivious causing some nonsense. He is fascinated with Boo Radley and is always pulling pranks on him over the summer along with Gem and Scout.

Miss MaudieMiss Maudie is an old family friend of the Finches' who lives directly next door to them. Miss Maudie is a sharp yet intelligent women. When Scout is feeling left out from her brother and Dill, she goes to Miss Maudie to chat. Miss Maudie acts as a friend to Scout and Miss Maudie tends to chat about her father with Scout. Overall, Miss Maudie is a kind women.

Nathan RadleyNathan Radley is Boo Radley's older brother. He comes to take care of Boo when their father passes away. Nathan is a strict person who can be cruel to Boo. He will strictly make sure Boo doesn't give presents to the kids. Overall, Nathan isn't the nicest person but at least tries to help out his brother Boo.


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