[2015] Nicolas Saccoccia: To Kill a Mockingbird

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[2015] Nicolas Saccoccia: To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird

Summury of chapters 12-14 (Major events) One of the main events of chapter twelve is that Calpurnia brings the children to her colored church. One person questions Cal for bringing white to the church. Most of the people there are friendly. In chapter thirteen, Aunt Alexandra decides to stay with the children. She says they need feminine influence. She insists the children learn about their family history also. In the following chapter, Scout asks Atticus what rape is. Aunt Alexandra tells Scout she cannot go back to church with Cal again. Later that night, Jem tries to tell something to Scout but she is angry because Jem is trying to lecture her so she attacks Jem. Atticus breaks up the fight and the children go to bed. Scout hears something under her bed and discovers Dill who ran away from his parents.

Summary of chapters 1-3 In the first chapter, we are introduce to many of the main characters. The story is narrated by Jean Louise Finch who is usually called by her nick name, Scout. They live in Maycomb with their father, Atticus. The first chapter goes on about Simon Finch who fled England and established a farm. This farm was called Finches Landing. Scout has a brother named Jeremy and is mainly called Jem. They meet a boy named Dill and they soon bond together. Down the road lives a family named the Radleys and the children are fascinated by Boo Radley. The children have heard stories about Boo stabbing his mother with scissors. In chapter two, Dill leaves and Scout prepares for school. Scout meets her teacher Miss Caroline and finds out she is not very good with children. Walter Cunningham forgets his lunch and Scout offers him some money for food and says he can pay her back later but Walter does not take the quarter. Miss Caroline does not understand Scouts actions and punishes her. In the third chapter, Scout beats up Walter for getting her into trouble. Jem intervenes and invites him over for dinner. Walter pours syrup over his food and Scout criticizes Walter for that. Calpurnia scolds her for criticizing him.

Three kids attemting to make a Crazy man come out of hiding. One man attempting to defend a negro in court. Will the crazy man come out will the negro be jugded innocent or guilty find out this and much more by reading "To Kill a Mockingbird.

At the end of chapter 11 I infered that the kids (Jem, Scout and Dill) Would continue their adventures to find Boo Radley and end up making him come out and be frendly. But it turned out that instead they went on other journeys and didnt metion much of Boo Radley untill the end off the book.






"Atticus are you a Negro lover" (Lee 86)


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