[2015] Camry Straka (7th/ 8th Girls Reading): To Kill A Mockingbird

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[2015] Camry Straka (7th/ 8th Girls Reading): To Kill A Mockingbird

Book Report camry strakaTo Kill A Mockingbird by: Harper Lee

rising actions

#1Dill dares Jem or Scout to run over and knock on Boo Radleys door,wich is quite possobly the scariest dare of all time #2Atticus makes Jem and Scout visit Mrs.Dubose to read to her everyday until she says he is done reading. Then she dies#3Atticus does a great job defending Tom Robinson, but after all the evidence, the judge still judges him as guilty

The men decide to hide the truth that Boo Radleykilled Bow Ewell in the forest

falling actions

#4boo leaves gifts for the children in the hole in the tree #5 when Scout comes back to the tree she sees that the hole has been filled up #6Jem tries running from the radleys house and gets his pants caught on the fence when he comes back they have benn sown and folded

#7Mayella has saved money to send the kids out to go get ice cream#8 mayellla shows up with bruises all over her body#9 Mayella accuses Tom of rape #10Tom goes to court

Conflictthe ewell family is particularly poorand racist family whom most of the society doesnt like but they put up with it but when their daughter accuses a black man most of the town agrees with them

Resolution Scout sees her town in a totally new older light now that she has experienced so much and she looks out over her neighborhood and know that she needs to stand in peoples shoes if she really wants to understand them charachters Atticus is a lawyer and an upstanding citizen. he is raising his kids as a single dad scoutmis a spunky girl who isnt afraid of trouble settingthey live in maycomb alabama between the years of 1933 ans 1935during the great depression and the era of jem crows law. its a very boring place to live


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