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To Keep Learning

We are SUPER tech-friendly at my school!

I am a high school teacher; I teach Earth and Environmental Science, Chemistry and Physical Science! I LOVE SCIENCE!!

My passion is working with labor and delivery patients. EVERYTHING ABOUT BABIES...I LOVE! And no, I don't have any kids yet...and hopefully after grad school I will be on my way TO MED SCHOOL!


HI~~~!my name is Canette!

As a middle school-er, I was very involved in clugs and organizations about science and SWAT(Students working against tobacco). I was an active student and had family members, like cousins that went to the same school as me but some negative experiences was that I got sick alot during my middle school days and would miss big exams and have to make it when the rest of the class was on trips. I was a very friendly student and had the best relationships with--not my peers but with my TEACHERS'. I was a teachers' pet!

I want to teach because education is the foundation of our world---without teachers there wouldn't be anything else-no doctors, lawyers, politicans, or vocational occupations. I truly BELIEVE teachers MAKE the world GO 'ROUND!

I hope to learn how to keep increasing student engagement along with striving for high achievement in my science courses while maintaining student relationships.


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