To Filter or Not to Filter?

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To Filter or Not to Filter?

To Filter or Not to Filter?

My Question


What did we do?



Our Equipment

My Prediction

What I think will happen?

I think the household filter will have a slight effect on the color and taste of liquids, because a household filter is made to remove impurities from water and therefore should remove some but not all flavor and color from liquids other than pure water.


What happened? Why?

You can use a household water filter to remove flavor and color from liquids other than water, because both the apple juice and grape juice became less tart and had a lighter color when filtered. The water filter does not remove color from food coloring, because when the colored water was filtered there was no change in its appearance.

Can you use a household water filter to remove flavor or color from liquids?

I tested 3 different liquids for chaning color, taste, and smell by pouring them through the filter. Apple juice, grape juice, and water with blue food coloring were the materials I chose to test. I poured one cup of the liquid in the Brita water filter and left the other cup unfiltered as the control group. I filtered the manipulated variable twice stopping to record observations in taste, color, and smell between each filter. *Note it is important to run 2 cups of fresh water through the filter between each trial. This is an economical way to limit changes to the filter.

Water Filter 2 cups apple juice2 cups grape juice 6 cups waterblue food coloring white paper measuring cup/ beakerclear cups/ glassessink or drain

What am I investigating?

Materials List

Experimental Setup:Duration: 45 minutesManipulated Variables: types of liquidControlled Variable: water filter, observer, background (white paper)Responding Variables: color, taste, smellConditions: room temperature liquids, adequate lightingNumber of trials: 6

Data Table

Why? Household filters are commonly used in the United States. If it can filter color and taste out of fruit juices it must be having an impact on water as well.


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