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TMA02 Poster Draft 1

Open Digital BadgesA practical proposal for the use of open digital badges in an ASB Online Academy courseH818 Conference. Theme: ImplementationDebbie Grieve

Badges aren't just for Boy Scouts or video game enthusiasts anymore (Jacobs, 2012)

Already using badges:The University of CaliforniaPurdue UniversityEdx, MITx and City of ChicagoCode SchoolKhan AcademyPixarand more......

Benefits:Alternative models of assessment; strengthening agency in the learning process (Hickey, 2012 as cited in the Circle Working Paper #77, 2013, p14)Increased motivation (Bowen and Thomas 2013)Transparency and verification - data (Mozilla, 2013)Immediacy of feedback, reward and recognition (Cator, 2011)Possibilities to map badges to a specific industry/career path

Challenges:Ensuring sound pedagogical frameworks for the use of badgesImplementation: Ensuring the technology supports the frameworkParadigm Shift: Supporting the development of an appetite for wider acceptance of a 'badge based' accreditation alternative Quality control standards to ensure rigor for badges awarded - supporting credibility

Open digital badges challenge the current reward and recognition approaches traditionally adopted by our education and workplace ecosystems.

Traditional certifications, such as degreesand diplomas, lack the detail to paint a rich picture of the skills people possess — such as specializations and interests within a discipline, or those that cut across disciplines (Knight, 2013)

Badges can represent different levels of work and engagement, including more granular, specific skills or achievements (Hamilton, 2013)

Join this conference session to discover how ASB Online Academy instructors will be encouraged to use open digital badges in their online courses via a practical proposal

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