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by DrCMOwens
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TLT Glog FTI 1.1.1

Author: Dr. Charissa M. Owens

Get Your Students to Enjoy Learning

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Final Thoughts

Differentiated instruction is creating lessons that cater to the various learning styles, interests, and abilities of students.

Rapid changes in students’ interests and skills challenge traditional teaching styles. Teachers experience some trepidation working with the newest forms of communication.

DIVE into technology and learn to love it☺ Remain open to the positive impact it can have on students’ mastery of class outcomes.

Differentiate Teaching!avoid this look :)

Use: with students in the Teaching Fellows Program to keep them informed of last minute changes and updates to program meetings, calendar, and other events. I would often include an action, such as check their email or follow the included link.

Remind 101

Use: To support discussion and review assigned readings in Foundations to Education (class size about 20- 25)Outcome: Students loved the fact that I allow use of their phones during class. They were immediately engaged! A few abused the anonymous feature and posted unrelated comments, but most were able to find it useful during class.

Poll Everywhere

Outome: Students reply much faster to the updates. I received fewer comments like “I didn’t know”! Students stay informed because the content was something they commonly used to communicate, message content was brief & included text language, and required an immediate action.

As a Differentiation Tool Remind 101 uses texting, as opposed to just emails, as a means to communicate important information.

As a Differentiation Tool Poll Everywhere uses texting, as a method to discuss class related topics in class while being anonymous.

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