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Human impact Current: Human pollution causes plants to not be able to pollenate, crippling the local ecosystem. Plant populations will eventually die out.Human created Forest fires play a large role in the endangerment of the Tropical dry forest. Hunting, which is not yet illegal, Kills off the main predators in the forest, causing prey to over-populate, damaging the ecosystem.Deforestation in the forest because of the deciduous trees. The wood is in high demand, causing large patches of these trees to be cut down on a regular basis.


Relationships:Parasitism- The Sycamore Lace bugs feed off of the Sycamore trees.Commensalism- The Epiphytes use cacti or orchids for sturdyness.Mutalism- Ants live in the Acacias thorns and bite any animal that tries to eat the plant.

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Costa Rica - Tropical dry Forest

Human Impact:Future:*Forest decreasing rapidly *over- population of prey*plant populations going extinct*animals becoming endangered

Water CycleIn the tropical dry forest transpiration occurs when water is evaporated from the stoma under the leaves. When it precipitates it is intercepted by the canopy and many of it does not hit the ground because of the many trees. Some water makes it to the ground and soaks in the soil. The roots then take up the nutrients from the soil and the cycle begins again.

Interesting facts*Tropical dry forest make up the majority of the tropical dry forest on Earth.*Between 40 to 100 species of animals live in a 2.5-acre section of the rain forest. *Tropical dry forests grow in places where rainfall is seasonal, not year-round. *Tropical dry forests are usually warm year-round with alternating wet & dry seasons. *Tall, deciduous trees form a dense canopy throughout the wet season. *During the dry season, almost all of the tress drop their leaves to conserve water.

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Green House EffectPeople are using the Green House method to save the endangered tropical dry forest in Costa Rica.


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