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TL Role

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The TL is responsible for the maintenance and equal access of several resources. This includes books, magazines, cameras, iPods, iPads, netbooks and the computer lab.

The role of the teacher-librarian is a unique one in that it is one of the few positions in a school where the teacher has the opportunity to interact with every student in the school on a daily basis. One of TVDSB's goals is to reach "Each Student Every Day" and the TL position fills this mandate. We are teachers first and put the students needs and learning goals at the fore front of our daily activities to create citizens that are critical thinkers.

It is the TL's goal to provide accurate and up to date information and tools to both students and staff. This is done by maintaining a current library collection, participating in professional development and having open lines of communication with all. The information can be shared with staff, students and parents through staff meetings, websites, demonstrations and newletters.

Step into the World of a Teacher-Librarian

The TL Rolemore than book exchange

Technology Leader






The teacher librarian is vital to student learning when it comes to curriculum collaboration. Teachers and TLs co-plan and co-teach various lessons and units within the curriculum including TLCPs. It can be the TL who helps students demonstrate their learning through different technological avenues. Some examples are creating presentations, videos, posters or written reports.

The teacher librarian promotes the importance of and love for reading in a variety of ways. They sometimes are a child's first mentor when it comes to handling and appreciating literature in all of its forms. The TL guides students in selecting appropriate texts whether the reading is for learning or for enjoyment. They model how to select and care for the school's resources. TLs provide several opportunities for students to immerse themselves in literature. These can be as simple as reading a storybook to a class or creating a book display, to more complex tasks such as research and media literacy projects.

More than books, but still no cookies!

“A School librarians' role is promoting diverse ways of reading and interacting with texts in the classroom and in the school community. Proficient, transferable, intelligent reading and language skills are essential to meaningful participation in today's technology and information environments.”Find Where You Fit in the Common Core, or the Time I Forgot about Librarians and Reading By Morris, Rebecca J.Magazine article from Teacher Librarian, Vol. 39, No. 5

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