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To Kill A Mockingbird

By: Harper Lee

They started out innocent, and unaware...But this chain of events may very well havechanged who they would grow up to be

As the racial tensionsarose in and around theFinch household, Jem andScout were shownfirsthand how cold and lonely the real world can be...

As the Finch's attended the hearing, they were exposed to the 'real' world, which was more or less a distorted veiw of racism, prejudice, and the true colors of the american view on african americans during this time.


To Kill a Mockingbird goes beyond the simple message "racism is bad" to attempt a more complex examination of how racism works. All forms of racism are not the same: some are born of hate, some of fear, some of laziness, some of self-righteousness, some of all these combined.



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