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TKAM Character Web

Jem (Jeremy) Finch is a ten year old individual. He is quite the troublemaker and with that, quite the liar.

Scout Finch is a six year old tomboy. She is close with her brother Jem and loves adventure. She has strong opinions and is very outgoing.

Calpurnia is the maid for the Finch's. She cooks, cleans, and helps raise the children. She acts as the mother for the family.

Atticus is father to Scout and Jem. He is a lawyer and quite professional. He tries to keep his kids out of trouble, but sometimes fails.

TKAM Character Web

Boo Radley is the neighborhood wonder. He was thought out to be dangerous after he got locked away in the court room basement and supposedly killed his dad. Jem, Scout, and Dill do a lot to mess with him.

Miss Maudie lives across the street from the Finch's. She is a friend to Scout when she is being excluded from Jem and Dill's planning over the summer.

Dill is a young boy that lives in Maycomb during the summer. He becomes good friends with Jem and Scout. He enjoys making trouble with Jem.

Walter Cunningham is a kid in Scouts class that is given a difficult time from Miss Caroline. He comes from a poor family that mostly pays for things, for example Atticus's lawyer service, by giving them plants and such. They refuse to take anythin they can't pay back.

Miss Caroline is Scout's 1st grade teacher. She does not like the fact that Scout can read and makes sure that he knows that. She is rather rude to her students.

The Ewells are a family that doesn't goes to school for the first day evey year and never comes again. They do this so they can go home and help on the farm, due to thier poorness.

Nathon Radley is Boo Radley's brother that takes the place of Mr. Radley when he dies/is killed. He is the only Radley that leaves the house.


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