[2015] Xuan Mai Johnson: TJ 5 itkoff Gavin and XM iroquios

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[2015] Xuan Mai Johnson: TJ 5 itkoff Gavin and XM iroquios

HomesThe Iroquios live in longhouses and wigwams.The longhouses had two doors, one on each end, while the wigwams had one. They used the longhouses for eating and the wigwams for sleeping.


This is an Iroquios spear.

WigwamThis is a wigwam the Iroquios might have made. They used tree bark and other resources to make their wigwams.

Location The Iroquios tribe lived in upstate New york between the Adirondack Mountain and Niagara falls where they have plenty of water and prey like deer and bears.

CLOTHINGThe Iroquios used hides of deer and other animals for both the women and men regalia. Also, they used plant and tree floer to produce clothing.

ARTIFACTSThe Iroquios used snowshoes for the cold, snowy, white winters and canoes for the summer in the Lawrence river to get around. They also used mules and donkeys for transportation.

Other New York tribesOther tribes besides the Iroquios (in the area) are the Abenaki, the Cayuga, the Erie, Mohawk, Oneida and many more.



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