Tiu's Day Rohan Parikh

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Tiu's Day Rohan Parikh

Tiu's Day!

Tiu lost his hand to an evil wolf named Fenrir. Being brave, he let Fenrir have satisfaction by letting the wolf bite off his hand.

My name is Tiu and I am the Germanic god of war, so don't mess with me!

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<----- This is what is known as the Tiwaz Runic Symbol. The Germanic alphabet was composed of letters called “runes”. The rune “T”, which looks like an arrow pointing upwards, is named after Tiu.

Most Latin languages like Spanish still use the Roman god Mars. In Spanish, for example, Tuesday is “Martes”.

The Origin of Tiu's Day.In Germany, the Romans equated their own god Mars, with Tiu. So, they called the day Tiu’s Day.



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