[2015] Samantha Vogts (Period 7): Title IX

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[2015] Samantha Vogts (Period 7): Title IX

Many people did not like Title IX especially the male dominated sports. In this society men had always had more power then women. When Title IX came around most men did not like this. On the other hand many women did like this because it allowed them to play on a team. Since Title IX women play lacrosse. Before Title IX they didn't play lacrosse because it was a boy's sport.Title IX has made society more equal then it had been before.

Title IX is a law that prohibits sex discrimination in educational programs or activities that recieve any financial funding. This law allows women and girls to partcipate in male dominated sports. This law also prohibits discrimination against perons of color and the disabled from participating in educational programs and activities.

Title IX

What is Title IX?

What was the impact on culture?

Who, When, Why did they create Title IX?

Why was Title IX important to women?

Before Title IX women and girls were excluded from most sports. When title IX came along they were allowed to play in sports and educational programs. Before Title IX women were not treated as equal as men and they still really aren't but Title IX has made women and girls become more equal to men and boys.

Title IX was created in 1972 by Congress. This act was signed by President Richard Nixon. Women all over the country supported this act because it allowed them to participate in sports and other educational programs.

Title IX affected school sports in many ways. Title IX allowed women and girls to play on schools sports teams. Some educational institutions didn't agree with this change. Infact 80% to 90% of all educational institutions did not agree with this. Since 1972, female participation in high school sports has increased by more than 900%.

How did Title IX impact school sports?


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