Title 1 Information

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Title 1 Information

Maurice L. Wolfe Elementary is a school-wide Title 1 campus. This means WE receive federal funds to support our campus and student achievement.

v The funds provided by the Title 1 program allow us to provide additional staff and enhanced instructional programs for all students.v The funds also support activities for our parents to be involved in their children’s education.v Our school has a Title I Parent Involvement Plan which describes the school’s plan for involving you and other parents in your child’s education. A copy will be sent home and parents are encouraged to give feedback about the plan.v WE have a Parent/Teacher/Student Compact which is an agreement between the school, parent, and student to support each child to meet grade level expectations. A copy will be given and discussed at Parent/Teacher conferences.The Title I Program strives to ensure that every child in our school is able to learn and perform at levels that meet or exceed the state academic standards.

Title 1 Information

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