Titicaca Lake

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Titicaca Lake

Titicaca Lake

The lake sits at the northern end of the Altiplano Basin in the Andes Mountains, occupying areas in southeastern Peru and western Bolivia.

Lake Titicaca boasts a rich cultural history that spans thousands of years. Incan mythology claims that Lake Titicaca was the site where civilization first began.

Importance :

*By volume of water, it is the largest lake in South America. *It is often called the highest navigable lake in the world, with a surface elevation of 3,812 metres (12,507 ft).


By Silvana Ballardo

1. Social 2. Economical 3.Enviromental 4. Cultural

The Uros are a pre-Incan people who live on forty-two self-fashioned floating islands in Lake Titicaca Puno, Peru and Bolivia. They form three main groups: Uru-Chipayas, Uru-Muratos and the Uru-Iruitos



The Uros Islands

1.The waters continue to support thousands of indigenous farmers and fishermen today2.fFshing and basic agriculture.3.Tourism: 2nd place most visited by tourists in Peru.


The lake holds large populations of water birds. Five major river systems feed into Lake TiticacaSeveral threatened species such as the huge Titicaca water frog and the flightless,

Links:http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2012/05/14/sacred-lake-titicaca-being-drowned pollution-111423http://pulitzercenter.org/reporting/peru-pollution-overfishing-endanger-fishermans-livelihoodhttp://enperublog.com/2008/09/22/30000-illegal-mines-polute-lake-titicaca/http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Titicaca


Citations:“More than a million liters of contaminated water per second, entering Lake Titicaca, come mostly from mining, industry and hospitals” -Radio PachamcmcThere is "lemma" They cover the entire surface of the water due to high levels of contamination from phosphates and nitrates. The existence of this plant is causing the death of many fish and other organisms in the lake. -National University La Agraria

The lake has been contamined through the years bydifferent factors as population migration and their solid waste disposal, sewish. Also the uncontrolled development of ilegal mining and use of toxic subtances for this is destryoing one of the natural wonders of SoutH America.


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