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Titian is considered to be the greatest Venetian artist of the fifteenth century. He trained under Giovanni Bellini and Giorgione, two artists with very similar styles. Tiziano's brother, Francesco Vecellio, was also an artist. Titian was commissioned to create a piece for the high altar of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, a church in Venice. This shows his superiority above other artists of the time. Later on, in 1533, Vecellio created a portrait of a member of the Medici family. The portrait was of Ippolito de Medici, a Italian cardinal. In 1538, Titian completed Venus of Urbino, his most famous piece. Titian died in Venice, Italy in 1576 at the age of eighty eight.

Paintings by Titian

1488 - Tiziano Vecellio is born1518 - Assumption of the Virgin is completed1538 - Venus of Urbino is completed1576 - Titian Dies

•Venus of Urbino (1538)•Assumption of the Virgin(1518)•Diana and Actaeon (1559)•Bachuss and Ariadne (1523)•Sacred and Profane Love (1514)•Portrait of Ippolito de Medici(1533)

Tiziano Vecellio



Assumption of the Virgin


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