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Chemical Elements

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Basic FactsElement Symbol: TiAtomic Number: 22Atomic Mass: 47.867State of Matter at room temp.: solidFreezes/melts at: 1668º CBoils/condenses at: 3287º C

Physical Properties Although titanium is a very lightweight metal, it is extremely strong. The silvery grey metal can withstand temperatures up to 800º F. In its' natural state, its' crystal form is a hexagonal shape.

Chemical PropertiesTitanium resists corrosion as well as rust. As a metal, titanium is unreactive.

Discovery and NamingWilliam Gregor discovered it in 1791 by his home in England and was named after the gods of greek legend, 'the titans.'

Natural OccurenceTitanium is naturally found as a mineral,(ilmenite,rutile,titanite) and is part of a compound. Often it is found and removed from iron ore slags.(An earthy material that is floaty when the metal is removed.

UsesThis element is used in parts of ships, submarines, golf clubs, aircraft and spacecraft bodies, and in rocket engines.

Atomic Structure- 22 protons and electrons- 26 neutrons- First energy level: 2 electrons- Second energy level: 8 electrons- Third energy level: 10 electrons- Fourth energy level: 2 electrons

ImportanceAirplanes wouldn't fly without their titanium bodies and engines! Its' ultra-light strength is the perfect combination for any use.

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