[2015] Violet Wolfkill-Yaple: titanium

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Chemical Elements

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[2015] Violet Wolfkill-Yaple: titanium


Exposure to titanium dioxide may result to oxidative stress, cell damage, redness, immune response, and brain injuries.

Don Don't be dumb, think with your cranium; when in need, use titanium!

Facts- Used for aircrafts, spacecraft, and missels since of it's lightweight and the ability to withstand high temperature.- As strong as steel, but 45% lighter.- Titanium can also be used for joint replacement and tooth implants because it connects to bone well.- It's 30% more elastic than steel.- It's immune to perspiration, acids, and salt water.- Titanium is the earth crust's ninth most common element.- The uses of Titanium has grown at an average of 8% per year.- When cold, titanium becomes brittle and can break easily at room temperature.- Skywriters use titanium tetrachloride to write letters in the sky because when mixed with moisture in the air in forms dense white clouds.- 65% of titanium perchase is used for aerospace uses.

Element InfoAtomic weight: 47.867Atomic number: 22Abbreviation: TiFamily: 4Normal Phase: SolidClassification: Metal

Melting point: 1670CBoiling point: 3287CFreezing point:unknown

Titanium was discovered by William Gregor in Cornwall in 1791. But, in 1795, German scientist Martin Heinrich Klaproth of Berlin found the same element and named it titanium. It's commonly found in Australia, Canada, India, Norway, South Africa, Ukraine, and the United States.

Cost:$6 per pound


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