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Violet Jessop; a young stewardess on the Titanic and was rescued in Lifeboat 16.

Colonel Archibald Gracie; helped people board lifeboats, swam to Collapsible B, wrote a book called "The Truth About The Titanic", but did not live to see it published,because he died on December 4, 1912.

"The huge ship slowly but surely reared herself on end and brought rudder and propellers clear of the water till, at last she assumed an absolute perpendicular position. In this amazing attitude she remained for the space of half a minute..." ---Charles Lightoller

Titanic: Voices From The DistasterBy: Deborah Hopkinson

"The cold was terrific. The shock of the water took the breath out of my lungs. Down and down I went, spinning in all directions."---Jack Thayer

Jack Thayer; a 17 year-old, first-class high-school student, who was saved by jumping off the Titanic, then swimming to Collapsible B.

Book Level: 7th-8th Grade

The RMS Titanic, as she sets off on her maiden voyage.

Read this book to find out what happens to all the people aboard the lifeboats, and to those not fortunate enough to have boarded one.

ThemeAlways help others, because you do not know if you will later regret it.


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