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Social Studies

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The Titanic set sail on its voyage April 10, 1912. It crashed into an iceberg, causing it to flood and sink. The "Unsinkable" Ship was only at sea for 4 days.

Fast Facts - The Titanic was also called The "Unsinkable" Ship - It consumed over 600 tons of coal each day and required a large crew of men to attend to its 29 boilers and furnaces

Looking back at the Titanic Tragedy...

Over 1,000 people died!

Here is a picture of some of the crew handling the coal!

"All Aboard!" You are now a passenger on the Titanic! There are 4 types of passengers on the Titanic: a 1st class passenger, a 2nd class passenger, a 3rd class passenger, and a crew member. Within your group, you will all have to decide what role you will play.Enjoy the Voyage!



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