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When people hear the name 'Titanic', we find that the memory and knowledge of such a tragedy is etched on the minds of many, young and old. Few can hear the name mentioned without recalling some tragic detail, or epic struggle for survival. But there were ship wrecks before Titanic, and there have been many after. So why has this particular maritime disaster become so infamous and legendary?

Titanic wasn't just the largest and fastest ship of its time; it was the most luxurious ship that Edwardian England had ever seen! There were bars, swimming pools, spas and barbershops just to name a few of the facilities on offer! Even the 3rd Class passengers commented that their accommodation was that of a 2nd Class passenger!

There were some rather important people aboard the doomed ship. Notable millionaires Molly Brown and John Jacob Astor were amongst the VIP passengers in 1st Class; not forgetting the Ship's designer Mr Thomas Andrews and Captain Smith who both went down with the ship. After the iceburg struck, the well known millionaire Benjamin Guggenheim was overheard saying: 'We are dressed in our best and are prepared to go down as gentlemen.'

A tragic series of events took place on the night of April 14th 1912 that meant that over 1,500 innocent souls lost their lives. At 11.40pm, the Ship hit an iceburg at a high speed, damaging over 5 of the bulkhead compartments. The Captain announced that passengers must begin evacuating the ship, starting with the women and children.However, there were not enough lifeboats. The White Star Line reduced the number of lifeboats to make more room for the first class cabins, dooming many of the passengers to an icy end.As the Titanic went down it spectacularly snapped in half and sunk two and a half miles to the dark Atlantic Ocean floor, leaving two thirds of the souls on board to perish in the freezing water. By the time the lifeboats returned, it was too late.

So who is to blame for such a tragedy? Many place the blame on the White Star Line for not providing enough lifeboats for all the passengers. Others blame White Star Line boss Bruce Ismay who was overheard pressuring the Captain to maintain a high speed despite many iceburg warnings. However, the Captain was soley responsible for the safety of his passengers, and he failed to put their safety first.


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