Titanic: Voices From the Disaster

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Titanic: Voices From the Disaster

Tuesday, April 2 19128:00 PM Leaves Belfast for SouthamptonSaturday, April 6Titanic starts getting loaded with cargoWednesday, April 1012 AM Sets sail from Southampton6:30-8:00 PM Load passengers from Cherbourg, FranceThursday, April 1111:30 AM-1:30 PMLoads passengers from Queenston and embarks on Trans-Atlantic Journey

Plot Analysis

Titanic: Voices From the DisasterBy Deborah Hopkinson


Rising Action 1

Sunday, April 14 191211:30AM-1:30 PM Ice warnings are recieved by Titanic's Marconi operators. 11:40 PM Titanic strickes iceberg!11:50 PM Titanic starts taking on water and sinkingMonday, April 1512:15 AM Titanic's distress signals are recieved by nearby ships12:40-2:20 AM Titanic's 20 lifeboats are launched, consisting mostly of women and children

Monday, April 15, 191212:45 AM Distress flares shot2:18 AM The ship's power goes out2:20 AM The Titanic breaks in two and sinks underwater, carrying 1,517 people to their watery grave.

Climax 1

Monday, April 15 19122:00 to 4:10 AM Lifeboats are adrift in the Atlantic, try not to tip over.4:10-8:50 AM Carpathia steamer picks up 705 survivors and return to New York

Climax 2

Thursday, April 19 19129:00 AM Carpathia arrives in New York to a humongous gathering of reporters and officialsApril 19 to July 30US Senate Inquiry Hearings and Report; British Wreck Commissioner's Inquiry Hearings and Report



September 1, 19851:05AM: Wreck discovered by Dr. Robert Ballard using Argo remotely operated underwater vehicleJuly 13, 1986Robert Ballard, Ralph Hollis, and Dudley Foster first to see the Titanic since its sinking

Created by Sean Wang

Deborah Hopkin's Titanic: Voices From the Disaster draws upon the stories of those who survived the sinking of the Titanic to recreate the feeling that the audience is at the disaster. Survivors' tales have a personal touch and an extra sense of accuracy.


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